The Beginning of a Nature Filled Journey!

This Blog is Dedicated to Beautiful Nature. I am not a professional Photographer. I'm a Mixed Media Artist that is motivated and inspired by Nature. Everyday. I don't have a fancy top dollar camera with all the bells and whistles. I do take pictures everyday. If I miss a day, I know it. I'm using at this point a Sony Cybershot DSC H90 but many of my photos were also taken with an Olympus, a Kodak, a Casio and a Nikon. More Photos than words but these photos really need no explaination. They need to be seen. To be felt. Hope you enjoy Nature as much as I do.  And Welcome :-)
Ok I'm starting with my most recent and adding stuff in here and there from past nature trips. This place was a surprise. A true story of you don't know what you're getting until you're actually getting it. The grounds were full of beautiful fearless deer. The sounds of Birds singing, Woodpeckers pecking and other things buzzing around was a welcome relief and amazingly not affected by the surrounding traffic as this place is set right in the middle of a well to do neighborhood.  Lots of trails and hidden secrets and definitely worth the trip! A great place to take a lunch break.