Down by the River

Taking pictures has always been a hobby for me but I never realized how important it is to me until recently. A portion of my life story can be told by the pics I've taken. A great portion shows just how much I love nature. A lot of these are a little rugged because I was more interested in trying the different filters and settings :-)  -American River. Sacramento

A Small Discovery

This was a discovery! Years ago I passed this place almost daily. Never looked beyond the sign. Yesterday a quick stop proved a cute lil surprise in the middle of a small simple park. The Museum was closed but a quick walk around put me on the curious list so I will go back eventually to check out the Museum.

Moving On!

Just go somewhere! 

Here I go playing with those filters. This one is the Partial Color feature. Love!

5 miles - Peace around the corner

One of the greatest gifts is being able to find peace and colorfulness in your own surroundings. I love finding local beauty spots and especially free ones! These are pics taken within 5 miles of home. Most right around the corner.  Have a great day and enjoy your surroundings :-)

 These were taken with my iPhone and I used Instagram filters to finish them up :-)
These beauties taken at the corner park

Downtown Folsom CA
These were taken using my Sony Cybershot
The Corner Park

Beauty and the Bluff

The American River is a beautiful stretch of water and land that is full of suprises! Beautiful spots to view the river, completely different landscapes along the way, fishing in some areas, just amazing! You can drive only a few minutes away from the last spot and feel like you've left town!  And when the water is it's bluest blue it's mesmerizing.



The Beginning of a Nature Filled Journey!

This Blog is Dedicated to Beautiful Nature. I am not a professional Photographer. I'm a Mixed Media Artist that is motivated and inspired by Nature. Everyday. I don't have a fancy top dollar camera with all the bells and whistles. I do take pictures everyday. If I miss a day, I know it. I'm using at this point a Sony Cybershot DSC H90 but many of my photos were also taken with an Olympus, a Kodak, a Casio and a Nikon. More Photos than words but these photos really need no explaination. They need to be seen. To be felt. Hope you enjoy Nature as much as I do.  And Welcome :-)
Ok I'm starting with my most recent and adding stuff in here and there from past nature trips. This place was a surprise. A true story of you don't know what you're getting until you're actually getting it. The grounds were full of beautiful fearless deer. The sounds of Birds singing, Woodpeckers pecking and other things buzzing around was a welcome relief and amazingly not affected by the surrounding traffic as this place is set right in the middle of a well to do neighborhood.  Lots of trails and hidden secrets and definitely worth the trip! A great place to take a lunch break.