When Nature Calls...Run!

Not much to say. Just breathe!

All of these taken on the grounds at the California State Capitol, Sacramento. :-)

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Me Myself and I in our own little world!

Today I cried in this space. Not because I was sad. But because I was touched. Moved to tears by the beauty that surrounded me and the love and need I feel for it. Everyone needs a place and space to breathe. This is mine. Sometimes I'm alone there, usually not, after all its a public space. But it's that place where I can literally climb into my own head, my own mind, my own world. Me Myself and I! I can leave the woes and wackiness of the real world in the real world. In fact I can get so lost in thought there that everything around me becomes a silent blur. Fortunately I can find that place wherever I exist but for now it is here, under the sun and trees in the middle of the city. Once removed. Life is good, Nature heals!

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a
wood chuck could chuck wood? LOL Couldn't resist!

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