I have proof! The funky chicken does exist! Yaaaaay!

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A PEACE of Nature!

Lately I've discovered in my quest for peace I'll go places and do things I'd never have done even a year ago. Like walk trails and visit remote spots. Now don't freak out, I'm not totally Nature crazy. I mentally make sure there are people somewhere in case I fall on a rattlesnake or something and I can scream real loud! LOL.

Today I stopped along the way to take in some sunshine, peace and meditation. Look what Mama Nature presented to me :-)


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A Lone Walk through Nature!

I have to admit that while I love me some nature I'm not one to venture off into shady trails and dark patches alone (watched too many horror movies as a kid LOL) but for some reason on this walk those very spots called my name.  The major trail was along paved road but those grassy interesting turnoffs were what called my attention. And so worth the trek. I don't know how far I walked because I was at one point walking along with lots of people and then all alone with only the sounds of birds singing and unseen creatures playing in the grass.  The I heard the sounds of water and away I went. The walk back to my car was beautifully painful! :-)

I'm going to file this under 'The Simple Things In Life' because it's only a few minutes away, no highway needed, gas gauge didn't even move! I love that!

Most of these pics were taken at Bannister Park in Sacramento, CA