The Lady is Bugging! The life of a Lady Bug

Wow! Do you ever feel like even Mother Nature has plans for you? I always wonder how I can be so fortunate to experience so much nature! I love it. I'm humbled by it and inspired.

These were taken in my back yard. Which is apparently a LadyBug haven.  The grass was so tall that I had to use a weed eater on it but fortunately when I tapped each area they moved on to the next.Yes there is a tall grassy area left just for them :-)

I peeked into their private space!

 Her New Coat! SHE'S A BEAUTY!

Random Acts of Nature!

One of my favorite things to do is take Random pictures. Like catching the moon just so....

Or a town you've never heard of on a Random Road Trip

This was a curious acting and looking animal

The Road to Lamont (outside of Bakersfield CA)

Morning Sun Rays

California Wine in the Making

Love how my Sony H90 takes pictures while I'm rolling!

More Yummy California Wine in the making!

Cloudy Skys! Yaaaay

Apparently the backyard is a breeding ground for Lady Bugs! Some just headed West.
This one is waiting for her Red Jacket!


Have a great week!

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Trees of Life

Trees are beautiful gifts of Nature. They shade, protect, bring life, bring beauty. Well you get it. These are trees I've seen over the past few days. The saddest thing about visiting some parks and other nature spots is seeing all of the fallen trees. Some by mans hands and some from age, neglect, etc. The beautiful part is seeing the life that comes forth from even the fallen trees. I love how they continue to grow on their sides and leave sprinkles everywhere. Tree Hugger! :-)